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Voluntary Return

Client B – Through the detainee group set up by the Federation.  The development worker was informed of an unwell man of 34 who had been discharged from 6 months in a mental hospital straight into detention. Following concerning reports the Federation’s Development worker visited and spoke to B.  The Development worker found out that B had been in the UK for 12 years and had lost touch with all his family in the UK.  B was alone and frightened.  The Development worker took B’s photograph which he circulated to contacts in Iraq.  Due to this initiative B’s mother was found, and a telephone call was set up.  The phone call with his mother helped B see a future for himself. Following the phone conversation he asked the Federation to assist him to return voluntarily to Iraq.  The Development worker kept in touch with M and visited him at his mother’s home in Iraq. The development worker was pleased to find B relaxed and happy.

Quote from the mother of B who had not spoken to her son for 12 years. ”Thank you very much to the Federation you found my son you brought me a new life”