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Our Services

Services we provide:

  • Combatting isolation in the UK Iraqi community by developing social gatherings and organising a series of events to celebrate special cultural events, such as Nowruz Kurdish New Year, Valentine day, International Women’s Day, Christmas and refugee week. These events take place approximately five times a year and are a useful way for clients of our community to have the chance to meet with others and to develop friendships.
  • Organising seminars and workshops around the UK. For example, in partnership with women’s organisations, we have organised seminars on ‘honour’ killings and domestic violence.
  • Combatting mental health issues and promoting emotional well-being. A number of clients are suffering from mental health issues, such as depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome, as a result of their experiences in Iraq or in the UK and, often, due to family separation. Our work involves finding them appropriate forms of care and assistance.
  • Outreach. Many people contact us by telephone but are unsure about travelling across London or simply have no money to see us. Therefore, we often need to visit them in their own homes and in detention centres to listen to their problems and to offer our support. We generally provide outreach up to one day per week.
  • Providing general information and support for newly arrived asylum seekers. We spend a considerable amount of time with people, both face-to-face and by telephone, making sure that they are safe and understand clearly what their options are. We provide intensive support to asylum seekers.
  • Supporting the legal process. The Federation regularly puts clients in touch with solicitors and other forms of legal advice to assist them with their claims for refugee status. We have also assisted the legal process by gathering evidence to validate the claims of our clients to refugee status. Some of our work in this area involves writing to the Home Office with additional information that can augment the decision-making process on a particular case. We also undertake to contact various agencies to gather information on a client’s health and well-being.
  • The Federation also provides interpretation and translation support for Iraqi’s at interviews with the home office, police ,court appearances, solicitors, housing departments, colleges and job centres explaining changes to the welfare benefit systems Our clients often request that we provide them with interpreters to accompany them to doctors and other services – interpreters are not always provided by statutory agencies. A surge of refugees and asylum seekers has meant that the demand for these services has increased. We also provide assistance with filling out forms.
  • Advocacy on behalf of individual cases. The Federation represents clients in meetings with MPs and councillors. We carry out this work by writing letters to client’s MPs and representing clients at MP’s surgeries to inform MPs of our clients’ situation.
  • Housing advice. This service is provided on a drop-in basis in our office (Monday–Friday) and we also visit hostels to advice groups of clients on a monthly basis. Practical help is provided to people needing emergency shelter and, in many cases, we have used our network of supporters to provide accommodation to homeless asylum seekers.
  •  We refer clients to a range of other specialist advice providers such as detainee groups, victims of torture to the Medical Foundation and women to women’s organisations for specific support. We have a good list of referral agencies to whom we refer clients for specialist advice.
  • Supporting detainees held in detention centres across the UK.   21 Iraqi asylum seekers contacted the Federation over the last year from inside detention centres and requested support. Of these, 19 were able, with our assistance, to exercise their right to release on bail.  We also refer detainees to other organisations, such as Bail for Immigration Detainees or the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture.
  • Media. The Federation has published news releases and is often contacted by National Papers and TV stations such as  the Guardian, Independent,  BBC, Al-Jazera, Al-Arabia, and a number Kurdish and Iraqi radio stations for information regarding the situation in Iraq and the individual circumstances of Iraqi and Kurdish nationals in the UK.