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Khako returned home!

Khako an Iraqi Kurdish refugee fled Iraq in 2015 looking for a new life and opportunities.  Kahko travelled to the UK.  Unfortunately Khako did not find the life he was looking for,he became homeless and ended his journey in a mental health hospital in Newcastle.

The Federation of Iraq (FIR) was contacted by Khako’sparents in 2016 they were concerned about their son who had disappeared.  When they last spoke to Khako he said life had been very difficult and was talking about returning home.

Khako had been sent by the Home Office to Newcastle.  He didn’t have any contacts with the Iraqi community and knew nobody in Newcastle.  As a result of this move Khako was leftfeeling very isolated and missed his family and friends enormously.  After being contacted by Khako’s parents FIRcontacted the Home Office who confirmed they had been approached by Khako requesting a voluntary return.  However they couldn’t give the FIR any information without signed authority from Khako or his next of kin.  Khako’s fathersigned an affidavit giving FIR’s Development worker permission to act on his behalf.   The development worker wrote several letters and phoned the home office several times, finally FIR discovered that Khako had been picked up by the police and sent to a mental health hospital in Nottingham.  The development worker called the hospital and spoke to Khako.  Following this phone call the development worker visited Khako and arranged with the medical staff for the parents to have regular phone conversations with their son.

FIR acted as a liaison point between Khako, his parents and the home office.  The Development worker arranged for Khako to voluntarily return safely to his parents home in Iraqi Kurdistan on the 21 October.


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