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FIR Development worker assists 2 clients experiencing mental health issues

Client H

The Federation was contacted from Iraq by Client H’s wife in 2016.  She informed the Federation that her husband was being held at a mental health hospital in Ealing.  He had been there for several years and she was experiencing great problems keeping in touch with him and was becoming increasingly worried about her husband.  She explained that she had married her husband in 2009. At first they planned for her to join him in the UK.  However after two years of trying to get her a visa her husband became depressed and he ended up being sectioned in Ealing Mental Health hospital.

The Development worker telephoned Client H with the mobile number given by Client H’s wife.  The development officer built a relationship with client H at the request of his wife he made weekly phone calls to client H.   With Client H’s permission he spoke to client H’s medical team and arranged to visit Client H.  The development worker has visited client H four times, each time the Development worker visited he requested books which the Federation purchased for him.  In Liaison with the medical team the development worker arranged for Client H to have skype calls with his wife.   The development worker also invited Client H to Federation of Iraqi Refugees events.   The Doctors treating Client H say his condition is much improved since the Development worker made contact with Client H, and say it may be possible to release Client H if his condition continues to improve.

Client K

Client K’s parents contacted the Federation concerned about their son who had disappeared.  Their son had informed them things were not working out for him in the UK and he had applied to return home voluntarily.   Client K had been sent to Newcastle and knew nobody and was feeling very isolated and missing his family.  The development officer contacted the Home Office who confirmed they had been approached by Client K but they couldn’t give the development worker any information without signed authority from client K or his next of kin.  Client K’s father signed an affidavit giving the Development worker permission to act on his behalf.   Following writing several letters and phoning the home office.  The development worker discovered that client K had been picked up by the police and sent to a mental health hospital in Nottingham.  The development worker called the hospital and spoke to client K.  Following this phone call the development worker visited client K and arranged for the parents to be able to speak to their son.  Client K is currently still being detained in hospital, however the development worker has arranged with the hospital staff for client K to have regular phone conversations with his parents.   The development worker visits Client K regularly and hopes at some point client K will be released and reunited with his family in Iraq.


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